Sought-after charter Herron High School could be the latest to join the Indianapolis innovation network


Herron High School, a sought-after charter school on the near north side that offers a classical liberal arts curriculum, is considering joining the IPS innovation network. As an innovation school, Herron would still have most of the independence of a charter school, but it would get access to additional funding. In turn, IPS would get credit for Herron’s test scores and other academic outcomes when the district is assessed by the state.

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Lilly Endowment gives $7M for new charter schools, teachers


The Lilly Endowment has given more than $7 million to The Mind Trust to help the nonprofit’s efforts to launch more charter schools and recruit more educators in Indianapolis.

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Filling the adult education vacuum

US News and World Report

When people think about education, they usually focus on kindergarten through 12th grade, or perhaps higher education. But there are more than 30 million adults without high school diplomas, and the publicly funded adult education system can serve only two million of them every year.

In states and cities that allow it, charter schools are perfectly positioned to fill this void. Charters are public schools, but they have the freedom to create out-of-the box models for adults who want to improve their lives. Goodwill Industries, the national nonprofit agency best known for selling used goods, has a subsidiary that operates charters for adult dropouts – The Excel Centers – in a handful of states.

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UIndy offers full scholarships to charter school grads


The University of Indianapolis will extend full-tuition scholarships to about half of the graduating class from Christel House Academy South beginning this fall. Additionally, 10 of those students will receive full room and board.

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Purdue High School lands temporary home

Inside Indiana Business

The building that served as the former home of Manual and Wood high schools will be the temporary home of the new Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis. The Union 525 will house the school during the 2017-2018 academic year while renovation work on the school’s permanent home continues.

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Academy gives hope to students seeking change

Indianapolis Recorder

High school can be a challenging time for all young people, but for the students at one of the state’s more unique schools, the typical teenage stressors are compounded by the fact that they are fighting a different fight: addiction. All is not lost, however. These kids have Hope.

The Hope Academy, the state’s only recovery high school and one of only 30 nationwide, is a tuition-free charter school for young people on the road to recovering from addictions to drugs and alcohol. It is located on the campus of Fairbanks, a nonprofit addiction treatment center.

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Hope Academy offers school and treatment for addicted teens


Nestled on the second floor of Fairbanks Hospital is a special high school. Roughly 40 students attend every day, taking algebra and other core classes, but there’s a catch. All of these students suffer from substance abuse problems. Hope Academy is Indiana’s only recovery high school, and it’s one of only a handful nationwide.

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Indianapolis’ new mass transit plan will help students

Huffington Post

Two Tindley leaders write about the benefits mass transit will have for Indianapolis students.

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Hundreds set for IndyVRC


Nearly 180 teams will compete in this weekend’s Indianapolis VEX Robotics Championship. This is the competition’s fifth year.

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